[robigalia-dev] New site, what examples/tutorials do you want to see?

Corey Richardson corey at octayn.net
Tue Jan 5 00:56:04 EST 2016

New site is up: https://robigalia.org/

Any and all feedback (content, style) requested.

Source is at:


In particular note the new content,



Next up, copying that CONTRIBUTING.md all over the damn place, and come up
with a LICENSE file so gitlab stops bugging me.

READMEs still need to be edited (and one written for the devbox), tutorials
need to be written, and example code needs to be written.

I need to expand the introduction to have a brief background on microkernels,
Rust, and seL4.

What examples/tutorials would you like to see? I plan on writing a crate for
using the x86 VGA framebuffer and an example using that. I also want to port
the official sel4 tutorials, though not CAmkES:


Once that's done, it's time to announce! This will involve a post to the sel4
mailing list, hacker news, the rust subreddit, and the rust community forums.
I expect it to make a small "plish" with decent reception (read: upvotes) and
no new contributors, but a lot of interest in where the project goes.

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