[robigalia-dev] Today's status: rust-sel4

Corey Richardson corey at octayn.net
Sat Jan 2 07:36:43 EST 2016

Hi all,

It's finally started happening. I used to write "self" instead of "sel4", and
now I'm writing "sel4" instead of "self". Send help.

In other news, the first draft of rust-sel4 is pushed to

This is the basic high-level interface to kernel objects, but there's still
some more work to do for object allocation. I did an inspection of sel4-sys
and found a number of silly bugs and even a missing syscall (NBRecv).

The next thing to do code-wise is define some more opinionated interfaces to
start creating the "personality" for Robigalia. I'm not quite sure how I want
it to feel yet. I'll tinker around with some ideas.

However, the next thing I'm going to work on is documentation. I want to
polish up the READMEs and crate documentation, and start on some small
examples using each of the crates.

I'm going to document setting up a Rust
environment for cross-compiling without using the Vagrant VM.

I'm going to rewrite the README for the devbox.

I'm going to create the homepage for good this time, maybe not with much content yet.

I'm planning a series of documents introducing newcomers to microkernels,
osdev, seL4, Rust, and the combination of the four. They might published as a
blog post of some kind, although I really dislike the blog-post format for
that sort of thing.  They'll probably end up as files in meta.

I've also updated doc.robigalia.org. It needs a nicer index page, ideally
generated from the list of crates, though I'll probably put that off until CI.

Until next time,
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